UNI EN ISO 90001: 2008

Always attentive to its customer's needs, BBC Srl obtained its first ISO certification in September 1995. After more than 20 years of Quality and attainment of the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard, we can proudly say the Quality concept is now firmly established in our modus operandi. Every office and department of our company works according to the principles of the ISO standard and the recommendations in our Quality Manual. We take care of the tiniest details in every step our products take within the company, from design (on advice from the customers or our research and development lab) to shipping through carefully selected and assessed couriers. We can therefore say that within our company, Quality is not merely an abstract concept or a certificate hanging on a wall in the office, but a genuine tool for satisfying the needs of our customers and the legal regulations.

Global Organic Textile Standard

Driven by the ethical and environmental need to manufacture products for the textile industry that are, as far as possible, respectful of the environment and and operators, BBC Srl has always pursued the objective of placing the performance of our products on the same level as their low environmental impact. To demonstrate our commitment to creating environmentally-friendly products, in 2012, BBC Srl subscribed the GOTS Standard by creating a line of 10 environmentally-friendly products. This product line has been expanded, and extended to 15 during 2013. The Global Organic Textile Standard is a technical standard for organic textile certification, supported internationally by some of the leading organizations supporting worldwide organic farming (Organic Trade Association, IVN; Japanese Organic Cotton Association, Soil Association).

gmp +

Lo GMP+ Feed Certification scheme è stato avviato e sviluppato nel 1992 dall'industria mangimistica olandese in risposta a vari incidenti di diversa gravità che vedevano coinvolta la contaminazione delle materie prime per i mangimi. Inizialmente introdotto come schema nazionale, si è sviluppato fino a divenire uno schema in-ternazionale gestito da GMP+ International in collaborazione con vari stakeholder a livello internazionale.
Il GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance è un modulo completo che comprende degli standard atti a garantire la sicurezza dei mangimi in tutti i componenti della filiera mangimistica. In numerosi paesi e mercati, una garanzia dimostrabile di sicurezza dei mangimi equivale a una 'licenza di vendere' e la partecipazione al modulo GMP+ FSA rappresenta un modo eccellente per facilitarne il conseguimento. Basandosi sulle esigenze pratiche, negli standard GMP+ FSA sono stati integrati vari componenti, quali i requisiti per un sistema di gestione della sicurezza degli alimenti, per l'applicazione dei principi HACCP, fino ai programmi di tracciabilità, monitoraggio e relativi ai prerequisiti, all'approccio di filiera e al sistema di allerta precoce.


The RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is an initiative created in 2004 and supported by seven categories of stakeholders connected to palm oil industry: growers, producers, distributors, traders, consumers, bank and financiers, environmental NGO and social NGO; the RSPO aims to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil based products through global standards and stakeholder engagement.

Our company's decision to become certified according to RSPO standards born from the will to combine high product quality with the wish to actively contribute to defending the environment and territories with a fragile ecosystem balance.

We remain front runners in our fields of activity in this respect, as the priority given to RSPO certification in the Italian livestock field is still low.

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